KP Joinery can manufacture any bespoke windows which, if required can be fully factory finished; sprayed and finished to the highest quality, with any RAL colour and fitted ironmongery to your specification.

We can accommodate any type of soft or hardwood and can also advise the most suitable timber for your needs.

Traditional Casement windows

Starting from a single glazed traditional Georgian style casement window, to a double glazed more energy efficient casement. KP Joinery can match existing windows to meet building regulations, or manufacture a design to your personal choice.

High Performance Casement A rated windows

Our high performance casement windows are A rated for maximum efficiency. These come with high security features such as multipoint locking and anti-crowbar fixtures and friction stay hinges as standard.

The windows can have either a traditional / Georgian look or can be more contemporary with clean understated lines.

Supplementary Documentation
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Box Sash Windows

All of our box sash windows we make are bespoke, so we can replicate any historic design (Georgian/ Gothic/ Traditional) or a contemporary design.

These can be single or double glazed and can be either the traditional box frames with pulleys, weights and cords or can be pre-tensioned spirally sprung. They are all manufactured with brush strip draught proofer to reduce both draughts and rattles.

Tilt and Turn Windows

These high performance windows are inward opening and can either be opened from the top or from the side and have, as standard, multipoint all around locking system providing excellent security.

They have a double rebate which provides excellent weather performance for example reducing draughts

The design allows secure ventilation and also the benefit of easily cleaned windows and for the downstairs windows; an emergency exit route.

These windows can be manufactured to either a contemporary or traditional style.

Ornamental windows

KP Joinery can manufacture all shapes of windows: octagonal, round and triangular to suit.